About the Committee

The Jennifer A. Lynch Committee was created in memory of Jennifer Lynch, a 4th generation Brookline, MA native and former town employee whose life was tragically ended by a brutal act of domestic violence on Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2006.

Jennifer was a vibrant and talented young woman, who had so much to live for—she wrote poetry, photographed nature in the Brookline, Boston, and Oregon areas and sang with the voice of an angel.

Pat Norling, Jennifer’s mother, in conjunction with the Brookline Domestic Violence Roundtable, established the Jennifer A. Lynch Committee and Fund in November 2006 to support activities that promote awareness of domestic violence, link victims to appropriate services and aid in the creation of prevention program.

Pat formed the Committee with the assistance of Brookline community members and Town employees. There are lawyers, doctors, police officers, business men and women, social workers, and clergy. “If not for these wonderful caring people volunteering for this Committee, I don’t know what I would have done,” she said.

Pat’s main goal is to help others through domestic violence education and awareness. She states, “you should be able to come to someone, anyone in the Community for HELP. It is normal to grieve for a period of time, but you need help in order to get through the dark days. It is not good to sit around and reflect on the death, you need to get out there and keep yourself busy. Believe me, it was hard at first, but it helped me immensely. The worst thing in the world is to lose a child. No parent should go through this. ”

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